agntclintbarton asked:

Was the keeping the protagonist of fight club unnamed intentional? or did it get to point in writing it where you realized he still didn't have a name and you just ended up rolling with it? (or, like some websites suggest, is his name actually Jack?)

chuckpalahniuk answered:

Hey, are you using a Matt Fraction “Archer” as your pic?

In all seriousness, I just forgot to give the narrator a name.  It felt awkward and forced to have him state his name ( like those phony scenes where a character looks in a mirror and describes him/herself to the reader ).  20th Cent. Fox put the name Jack in the script so I can’t use it in the sequel without violating their copyright.  In a similar twist, the people at Reader’s Digest who published the original “I am Joe’s Prostate” series,  they   refused to allow Fox to use “Joe” so it got tweaked to Jack.    To heck with all that, I’m calling the bastard Sebastian, one of his liar’s names from the support groups